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Site Swing is a PHP / MySQL compatible content management framework. Site Swing provides a lightweight yet powerful web framework. Provides users, groups, modules, skins, folders, pages management built in. Easy to add additional modules. Integrated with FCKEditor, phpmailer, X Includes its own mini MSHTML editor. Divides sites into sub components: site, members, admin, etc. Easy form development with custom field types. Fancy form validation support. Easy database lists -- search, etc. Being used for the website. Easy to use. Developed commercially by Lance Technologies LLC for internal use since 2001.


You may download Site Swing here.


The download package contains instructions for installing Site Swing. Currently the documentation is not complete, however many example modules are included.


Some sites using Site Swing:

Some clients have intranets that use Site Swing. These intranets are used for:
  • Medical Records
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Call Tracking
  • On Call Scheduling
  • Membership Lists

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